About Us

Computers, Network & Maintenance trades as “IT Computers” The company has been in existence in various forms for some 16 Years. A company restructure early in 1997 saw the company finally morph into its current form.
For you, the customer, the important thing is to understand our company ethos. The transformation mentioned above was the result of many meetings and the final result is that we only trade in what we do best. The clue is in the title “Computers, Network and Maintenance” which aptly describes what we do. We build computers, put in networks for business and repair and maintain both.
In all areas of our business, the absolute accent is on the provision of quality. It is not our policy to provide “Cheap and Cheerful” solutions, the accent is firmly based upon providing a “Cost effective solution” which only quality components and workmanship can provide. Our policy is to provide the customer with a lasting, quality solution.
This principle is solid throughout the company, whether it be in specialist building of computers, provision of a network or in providing a maintenance solution. The company does not overly advertise, relying on one simple “Yellow Pages” advertisement and more importantly, customer referrals. We have a large and loyal customer database radiating in a circle some 50 miles around Romsey. Although most of our work is local we have a growing national and international customer database. The company particularly takes on specialist work such as RAID server solutions and has provided successful solutions in the field of rack mounted servers and PC’s for both the MOD and Blue Chip Companies. For more information about our solutions please visit the services and products pages.

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